Other Ceremonies

There are times in our lives when a ceremony can really help to mark a special event. As a celebrant I can help create and conduct a unique and personal ceremony for you - whatever your occasion. For example, the Renewal of your Vows, or a Commitment Ceremony.

Renewal of Vows

For couples who wish to reaffirm their vows and commitment to each other. A Renewal of Vows Ceremony may suit you if:

  • You are celebrating a significant wedding anniversary.
  • You desire a more meaningful ceremony than was possible when you got married.
  • You have overcome recent challenges together.

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony gives you the opportunity to reflect on your relationship so far and to focus on how you both wish your relationship to develop and grow in the future.

Commitment Ceremony

For couples who wish to affirm their commitment and love for each other but do not wish to enter a legal marriage.



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Time to celebrate!

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My Package for Renewal of Vows or Commitment Ceremonies includes:

  • An initial conversation so you can assess if I'm the right celebrant for you.
  • A conversation so I can listen to you and understand what you want.
  • We can discuss content, readings, vows, any symbolic content, and whether or not you want a spiritual aspect to the ceremony. We can also discuss how you may want to include others within the ceremony. This meeting usually takes place about a month before your ceremony.
  • A first draft of your ceremony that we share, giving you the opportunity to request any changes.
  • A final ceremony script.
  • A ceremony rehearsal.
  • Your ceremony being conducted at the venue of your choice.
  • A souvenir script as a reminder of your ceremony.

Other Significant Life Events

Other significant life events that you may wish to mark with a ceremony include coming of age, milestone birthdays and divorce reconciliation.


The cost of your ceremony will represent very good value for your money. I operate a flexible pricing policy tailored to my customers' requirements so they can make an informed choice on the type of ceremony they require.

Please get in touch for a no-obligation conversation about your ceremony.

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