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A funeral is an important way to say goodbye to a loved one. It provides an opportunity for closure and a time to honour their life and celebrate what it has meant to those around them.

How I Can Help

Organising a funeral at a time of bereavement and loss can be demanding and difficult. As a Funeral Celebrant my role is to work on your behalf and to support you during the process of planning the funeral ceremony. I will work closely with you to create and conduct a funeral ceremony that represents your wishes, values and beliefs. I will help to capture and do justice to the essential qualities of your deceased relative, partner or friend.

The Funeral Ceremony

A funeral ceremony normally includes a tribute or eulogy, and you can choose whether to include music, poems and readings or symbolic content. These can be non-religious, spiritual or a mixture. Prayers and hymns can also be a part of the funeral. You can choose to involve family and friends during the ceremony or, according to what feels most comfortable for you, I can deliver the whole funeral on your behalf. I work closely with your Funeral Director to ensure that the ceremony runs as smoothly as possible.

Meeting with you

Once appointed as your Celebrant we arrange a suitable time to meet. Most people prefer this meeting to take place within the comfort and privacy of their own home. We can discuss your wishes and I can suggest poems and readings, as well as offering guidance on other aspects of the funeral. We will have ample time to think about the tribute/eulogy. This is a special opportunity for you to share your memories, recollections and stories about your loved one. I will aim to create a tribute/eulogy that is sensitive, rounded and representative. I am committed to listening to you attentively, with warmth and empathy.

Putting the tribute and ceremony together

After we have met, I will put together a first draft of the tribute/eulogy and funeral ceremony. I will check that it is what you had hoped for as well as being factually accurate. Together we can continue to shape the ceremony until you are satisfied.

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Thinking of you...

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The Funeral

I will be present to conduct the funeral at the crematorium, cemetery or burial site that you have chosen and will do this with sensitivity, care and integrity.


If you would like me to represent you and your family then please advise your Funeral Director who can then appoint me on your behalf and advise you about fees. I conduct funerals in the York and surrounding area.

Memorials, Internments and Scattering of Ashes

If you are interested in holding a memorial ceremony or wish to inter or scatter the ashes of your deceased loved one then I would be privileged to serve you and your loved ones in this way.


Please get in touch for a no-obligation conversation about your funeral ceremony.

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