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What is a Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony provides the perfect opportunity to welcome a child or children into their community; a time of celebration with family and friends. It is particularly suitable for those seeking a meaningful and joyous ceremony.

I will work with you to create the content for your ceremony. You can choose whether to include music, poems, readings, symbolic or spiritual content. You can hold a Naming Ceremony to coincide with your child's 1st birthday. However a Naming Ceremony can be held for newborns and older children too. Brothers and sisters are sometimes named at the same time. In essence, a Naming Ceremony helps us to pause and focus on the uniqueness of a child and their family.

What is included in a Naming Ceremony

As well as the naming of your child, you can consider these ways to involve others.


As parents, you can choose to make promises about how you intend to bring up your child or children and if it feels appropriate, you can also renew your commitment to each other.

Supporting Adults or Godparents

One of the most popular reasons for holding a Naming Ceremony is for parents to choose Supporting Adults, or Godparents. You may wish to ask significant people in your life to support and guide your child as he or she grows older. Their promises can be included in the Ceremony.


You may like to include the child's grandparents in the Ceremony and their promises can be included.

Brothers and Sisters

If you have older children from this or previous relationships, you may wish to include them in some way. Each family set up is unique and a Naming Ceremony can be adapted to your needs and wishes.

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Welcome to the world little one!

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Where does a Naming Ceremony take place

You can hold your Naming Ceremony wherever you like. Some are hosted at home, whilst others take place in a hotel, a community centre or any other venue. The venue is entirely up to you.

A Welcoming Ceremony

A Welcoming Ceremony may be an option for you if you wish to welcome, rather than name, a new child or children to your family, for example with newly adopted children.

An Ian Cartwright Celebrant Naming Ceremony can include:

  • An initial conversation so you can assess if I'm the right celebrant for you. During this initial conversation, I will provide an indication of the costs of your ceremony.
  • A conversation so I can listen to you and understand what you want. We can discuss content, readings, promises, and any symbolic actions, and whether you want these to include a spiritual aspect.
  • We can also discuss how you may wish to include others within the ceremony.
  • This meeting usually takes place at least one month before your ceremony date. If possible we could meet at the venue you have chosen for your ceremony.
  • A first draft of your ceremony giving you the opportunity to request any changes.
  • A final ceremony script.
  • Your ceremony being conducted at the venue of your choice.
  • A souvenir script as a reminder of your ceremony.
  • A commemorative certificate as a lasting reminder.


The cost of your ceremony will represent very good value for your money. I operate a flexible pricing policy, tailored to my customers requirements so they can make an informed choice on the type of ceremony they require.

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